Replacement of serpentine belts (air conditioner AND power steering)& tensioners on 1997 BMW 328iC

How much should it cost me for labor and parts to replace 2 serpentine belts (air conditioner AND power steering, etc. belts). Also need to replace ac belt tension pulley, as well as on the power steering ,etc. belt the idler pulley and tension pulley (cover and wheel).

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A little less than $200 would cover it. This is a very simple repair. You could accomplish yourself and save the money.
That's what I was actually getting to,but that's very true,all you need to do is find the tensioner pulley and use a wreck to loosen the belt,take the old off,put the new on and reset the pulley.make sure you use the same route for the new as the old.
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Labor costs,they differ from state to state,but this work should only take about 1- 1 1/2 hours to do.dependingon how close everything is in relation to the area that needs the work.
I'm in the bay area in california.
What I mean is in the engine compartment of your car.
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