Volvo S80 Problem Report

Volvo S80 Replacement of Breather Box,Oil Trap

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Had the PCV howling problem at 118,694, new canister, oil trap, 2 seals, 1 hose for $641 repair cost. Now 7+ years later at 265,000 same problem, estimate is $900+ with cleaning of throttle body. Due to many other problems I am not planning on doing this repair. I'm trying to emotionally detach, time to say good-bye to this car after 13 years. -
same problem. Maybe they could improve the design. Not a cheap fix -
Loud whine or screech once engine warms up. Also, found lower PCV hose had detached from engine block. Due to bad PCV diaphram the dealer was unable to diagnose the problem because the whining continued after dip stick was removed or oil cap was removed. Once hose was attached the whining stopped once oil filler cap was removed. Solution replace PCV breather box and 2 hoses. -
at 103K the Car began a high pitched hum or squeal after the car warmed up. The squealing could be temporarily stopped by pressing the accelerator. The car was diagnosed as a cracked breather box, also known as, the flame trap, the oil trap. A small plastic box connected to the PCV System that has a plastic nipple that cracks and squeals form the oil pressure. The repair is difficult to get to and costs a lot in labor. My technician told me this is a common problem around 100K due to Volvo increasing the oil change intervals to 7500mils. Volvo even recalled and issued a service bulletin for many S80's. Mine was not covered. -
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