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1995 Dodge Dakota Question: Replacement crank kit has different size opening for pilot bushing / bearing.

Purchased a replacement crank kit. The pilot needle bearing is too large for the bore in the back of the crankshaft and I can't find a smaller one to install. Is there a bearing or bushing available for the smaller hole? The replacement crank kit has the exact same markings / casting numbers as the the one coming out of the vehicle. -
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I hate when that happens but it has happened me before. I don't know anyone your side of the country but call Motor Warehouse, 901 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95815-3289, (916) 920-2221 -
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Hi Patrick, thanks for answering. I found out the the needle bearing that I was sold was just the bearing. What was needed with the replacement crank kit was the complete bearing and adapter assy. I called the dodge dealer and sure enough you can get the bearing only or an assy. Thanks again. -