replacement cost transmissioon oil lines on 1993 Ford Bronco

When I shift gears my vehicle doesn't move unless I use overdrive or 4x4 and low range. Reverse is better than forward. I've been also told my oil pan is leaking and cost for pan alone is over $850. Can an epoxy glue be used to seal the hole in the pan? Is it worth fixing?

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Goodness, sounds like you have some troubles! I'm not entirely sure what it means by when you say when you shift the truck doesn't move unless you use overdrive? You mean, automatic transmission, using the Overdrive selection? Instead of...?

The oil pan - I'm guessing it's rotted through; epoxy will not help you...nor will any other kind of sealing device.

Transmission oil lines is in your subject - those are probably obselete now from Ford but can be made from bulk components. Try a local shop:

Good luck!