Replaced top hose.thermostat...gasket, after flushing out dexcool on 1995 Dodge Ram 1500

Bought the truck in may it had the orange antifreeze in it did a flush temp gauge is stuck @ 200 since then heats nothing more than warm..replaced thermostat and gasket, top hose. Not sure what sensor is on top or next to the housing for temp gauge I have the sensor but will that reset the dash or do I have to tear the dash apart???? How do I increase my heat inside my truck....have 2 toddlers single mom here in -18 temps in ND can spme1help please????!!!!

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sounds like an air bubble issue ck coolant level to start with.
Did that it runs low in the over flow but no leaks
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what kind of anti freeze did you put in after flushing
The green stuff at a 50/50 mix