replaced timming belt car firered shut it off and started pulling pluggs
on 1992 Chrysler LeBaron

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1st plug was removed and looked ok, cleaned and checked gap all good, tr
ied to remove no 3# cylinder plug and would not break loose and snapped it off flush i put heil coil in and check all marks and everything is all good but its not starting retarted and advanced dist it popped like it was gonna start but battery went dead and my customer is very persistaint and asks to many questions and had someone look at it wich offended me and they removed some parts and replaced them like i wouldnt notice the cap and rotor are bad , but it started before the plug broke with cap and rotor being bad what could be the issue
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IF the rotor is in fact not burned through(common on those), HAS THE BELT TIMING BEEN RE-CHECKED , TO MAKE SURE IT DIDN'T JUMP ON INITIAL START-UP?....If you are getting spark from coil wire , I would suspect problem is in dist.(again assuming the timing is correct) Check dist. timing also(driven off seperate shaft) and air gap between rotor and reluctor plate --------with cap off --line up cam and crank timing marks and then check dist. if it's not on #1 then the belt jumped on that pulley.