Replaced timing belt. Car turns over & has spark but won't start. Why? on 1999 Ford Escort

Timing belt is timed & rods match up w/red marks. Car has spark & turns over but won't start. At first car started but idle & ran very rough at low rpms but when going faster stopped shaking

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A little background information would be helpful as well .. Why was the timing belt replaced? .. Engine running ok before belt replacement?

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Which engine do you have?
Are you certain the cam and crankshafts were both correctly timed?
If you rotate the engine by hand any even number of times, the marks should line up exactly as before each time.
If they do not, you are off at least a tooth.
Timing marks aren't always reliable, and if this is a DOHC engine, there is even more room for failure. The only real way to make sure you have it timed properly is to test by rotation. If they are timed improperly, it will change position upon rotation.
Let me know what engine so I can view the timing set-up. Also, is this one of the ZX-2 escorts?
I have the same questions. Was it running when you replaced the timing belt? Does it have compression? If it has spark it is either compression or fuel or the timing is off.