Replaced timing belt and the Rav won't start! on 1997 Toyota RAV4

I just replaced the timing belt on my Rav4 and I made sure everything is aligned properly, but it still won't start. The water pump is fine and the vales can't be bent because it has a non-interference engine, right? Any ideas on what the problem is?

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The 3S-fe is a freewheeling engine according to the book I checked. When you installed the belt, did you remember to hand-rotate the engine clockwise and verify all the timing marks still lined up? Are you sure the sensors are all plugged in? Are any connectors loose/not fully locked together? Just on the off chance, no blown fuses? good luck
Has the cylinder head ever been removed, and machined for a head gasket or anything? I have seen this throw off the timing marks.

Glad you got it running again!
Thanks for the suggestions!! It turns out that the manufacturer either messed up or purposefully set the mark two teeth off from where it should have been. We finally just experimented, and the Rav is going again! I appreciate your help!
Not since I've had the car, but I'm the 3rd owner, so who knows...
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I have a similar problem. I made a left turn and my 1996 Rav 4 just cut out and would not start.
Battery is good, Plugs are new. distrubutor is good. Coil is new. Timing belt is new.
Electrical flow is perfect. Fuyel pump is fine Yet no start. getting an ignition crank but no startr. Help help help!!!
Ensure that No. 1 cylinder is set to TDC on compression stroke by temporarily installing lower timing belt cover and crankshaft pulley. Align groove with timing mark "0" on No. 1 timing belt cover. Ensure that camshaft and timing belt match marks are aligned. Very important that No. 1 cylinder is set to compression stroke.