replaced the ac compressor for noise still hearing he noise what could it be now on 2008 Dodge Avenger

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I heard a noise coming from my car when i turned the car off was told it was the ac compressor going bad. I got it replaced and the noise is still there. Can someone tell me what else could be going on or has had this problem.
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If you hear it when engine is switched off, most likely alternator decoupler pulley!!! Sounds like something is still running after eng. stops. IF alt. is ok, pulley can be replaced. This is all one possible cause of your noise, others exsit!
Yes if i turn the car off it sounds like a fan or something but i only hear the noise when i turn the car off. I got to different opinions and I was told it was sounded like the ac compressor was going bad. I got the ac compressor replaced and it is still making the same I will see what the alternator decoupler pulley does..thank you.
U welcom, 99.9% sure it is your problem! Look at the puley and you will see it aint like other pulleys you have seen in the past! Let us know what you find. 5-23, well thanks for asking your question!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you. I replaced the alternator and the noise went away. Could have saved money buying the ac compressor.
You welcom, thanks for the reply!