2001 Kia Sephia Q&A

2001 Kia Sephia Question: Replaced starter, now car won't start. Low spark, no start.Whats the cause ?

Bought the car a month ago.Replaced starter,valve cover gasket, plugs,coils,wires, pcv,oil & filter,t-stat & gasket. Car rolled over but wouldn't start. Checked for fuel at fuel rail, had pressure and fuel @ schrader valve. I then checked for spark. My first check revealed high spark in one coil low in the other, that's when I changed both coils and the end result was low spark at both coils and still no start. What Gives ???? -
Answer 1
will it start with a boost -
Comment 1
Has new battery, used full size battery charger with start feature. Rolls but won't start. -
Answer 2
try a different battery. if it starts off a jump than probable battery issue. -