Replaced starter, battery, relay, serpentine belt plus cover, car won't start on 1999 Ford Escort

Only makes clicking noise and won't start

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what were the symptoms before all the parts changed?
Serpentine belt was replaced first . It left me stranded 3times before. The whole car would shut down, starting with the power steering.
It ran a short while-a week or so, then we tried battery, checked fuses, then tried starter, still wouldn't start. Then we tried relay below drivers side door. Still barely clicked when and wouldnt start.. Another mechanic suggested a cylinoid(sp?). Do you people out there think this is worth a try?Im on a fixed income and I've been almost a year w/o a car. I would appreciate any suggestion. Thank you in advance! , Debbie
Is the engine turning over? or just a 'click' from the starter?
Will not turn over at all-just a slight clicking noise.
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Do you have universal cable ends on your battery cables?
I dont know off hand. I will ask the mechanic to check-at present, i have to pay a local handyman for everything i get done. I cant afford to tow it-been sitting in apt. Parking garage. By the way, what are universal cable ends? I dont even know what they look like! Someone suggested a new cylinoid. U think its worth a try?
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