Replaced power steering pump,still makes whining noise when turning.Suggestions? on 1994 Toyota Corolla

Pump just replaced, wondering what to do next?

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Did you flush the system?
Did you do the work?
Is it full of fluid?
Thank you for your reply. Manchild completed the work. Replaced all fluid due to the fact that it was no longer in the system, on driveway instead!
Well i guess that answers the flush thing. And the rest!
Thanks for getting back to us. I like the description of your repairman!
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new pumps may make some noise for approx 500 miles as stated in the tip chart you got with the pump.did you repl belt?
Thank you for your reply. Did not see a tip chart. Replacing belt is the next step!
did you try bleeding the system
Thank you for your reply. Not sure how to bleed system. Is there a bleeder valve for the steering fluid/pump?