1990 Mazda B2200 Q&A

1990 Mazda B2200 Question: Replaced O2 sensor for a bosch new one. Since then i've got check engine light.

The old O2 sensor didnot give me check engine light.But the new one did it twice then turns off when I park re-star my truck again. Any advice what can I do ??? A friend of mine told me BOSCH works better with european car. He says I should get a nipondenso instead. I just changed the old O2 sensor cause black smoke problems. -
Answer 1
it could be a defective sensor or the wires are burn't on exh. bosch is a good sensor. is it the right one for that car? -
Comment 1
yes...it is the right one, it has only two wires (gray and black) same colors as my old sensor.Dont know what to do. -
Comment 2
you may have a circuit issue instead of a sensor issue seek help from your mech -