Replaced my window motor and now the window wont go up & power flickers. Why? on 1994 Ford Mustang

So I replaced my old window motor and regulator today. Worked fine for about 10 test roll ups and downs. Now all of a sudden I drive to the store roll it down and it will not come back up. I also noticed that when I press the window to roll up all the interior lights, radio etc all flicker on and off. I checked my wiring for the motor I just installed and everything looks fine. What is going on?

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Does this one have the 'auto-up' feature? Why did the original motor and regulator get replaced? Was the glass binding in the run channel causing excessive drag which in turn would cause excessive electrical draw making lights dim etc. & also wear out the regulator ..or after the first ten tries the original problem showed back up. Just a thought. If it was a faulty ground you wouldn't be creating the current draw as described in the symptoms. Driver or pass. window?
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Sounds like a ground wire is loose and causing a short condition. Need to find the faulty ground wire.