replaced master clutch kit, slave cylinder, and master cylinder Wont go in gear on 1997 Isuzu Rodeo

bled for hours, it still won't go in gear. I am ready to shoot it

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Do you have a good FULL pedal?
yes a good full pedal. If we pump the pedal a few times before we start it then it goes in every gear fine for a little bit. Like it is losing pressure. Thank you for your help
These thing are a pain to bleed i know! I bet you still have air in the system.
Bleed it some more, keep master full of fluid at all times, or just make sure it dont get empty!
Used 2 32 ounce bottles and 2 small bottles and no bubbles. When I start the car it goes into all gears accept reverse wait a few minutes and it won't go into any gear. Thank you for your help
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Having the same problem. I learned about an "anti rattle value" bypassed it now my car still won't hardly of into gear.