replaced ignition switch and key and cylender why wont it relearn the passlock on 2001 Chevrolet S10

started with melt down ECM changed reprogramed new ignition control module crank sensor many other new part and shop into my pocket book need help.

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who did most of the repairs? explain ecm melt down please
several poeple have worked on it. it all started with the ecm fuse started burning i inspected the ecm and found it had melted. I replaced the fuel pump assembely ignition control module crank sensor ecm had the ecm reprogramed at Bay automotive in Corpus Christi Tx. they informed me it took the programing but the truck starts runs a few seconds and dies the security light comes on when it dies but will go out and th truck will strat then die as before i replaced the ignition switch and key and cylender with new parts tried the relearning only to be in the same spot. Every place seems to just change parts costing me more many other parts have been changed im stuck.
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