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1990 Honda Accord Question: Replaced head gasket but car won't start.

Changed head gasket. Car turns over but won't start. Changed spark plugs.& sprayed with starter fluid. Haven't got a clue! Help? -
Answer 1
Did it run before changing the headgasket? Why was the headgasket replaced? Do you know if the no-start is because of no spark or no fuel? Is the timing belt and balance shaft belt on correctly? -
Comment 1
Car was over heating & found water in oil so replaced head gasket. Has fuel, replaced spark plugs, & not sure what a balance belt is. Car does turn over but won't start. Not sure what is causing it. -
Comment 2
Do you have spark? Did you replace the headgasket yourself , or was it done at a shop? -
Comment 3
yes theroge is a spark & i did it myself. -
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Have you re-checked the t-belt ? Are the cam and crank lined up properly?.......When you had it apart , did you notice that there was a smaller 'timing' belt in front of the main(the one that goes from cam to crank)timing belt? .....THAT is the balance shaft belt. If not aligned properly , the engine will vibrate like hell. If the main timing belt was not lined up properly when re-assembled , you may have bent valves when you cranked it over to start it. IF you're certain you lined up the belt correctly , do a compression test.post results. -
Comment 5
How do you check the timing? -
Comment 6
Are you reffering to spark timing or the belt timing? -
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