Replaced head gasket but car won't start. on 1990 Honda Accord

Changed head gasket. Car turns over but won't start. Changed spark plugs.& sprayed with starter fluid. Haven't got a clue! Help?

by in Norfolk, VA on February 18, 2013
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ANSWER by on February 18, 2013
Did it run before changing the headgasket? Why was the headgasket replaced? Do you know if the no-start is because of no spark or no fuel? Is the timing belt and balance shaft belt on correctly?
COMMENT by on February 19, 2013
Car was over heating & found water in oil so replaced head gasket. Has fuel, replaced spark plugs, & not sure what a balance belt is. Car does turn over but won't start. Not sure what is causing it.
COMMENT by on February 19, 2013
Do you have spark? Did you replace the headgasket yourself , or was it done at a shop?
COMMENT by on February 23, 2013
yes theroge is a spark & i did it myself.
COMMENT by on February 23, 2013
Have you re-checked the t-belt ? Are the cam and crank lined up properly?.......When you had it apart , did you notice that there was a smaller 'timing' belt in front of the main(the one that goes from cam to crank)timing belt? .....THAT is the balance shaft belt. If not aligned properly , the engine will vibrate like hell. If the main timing belt was not lined up properly when re-assembled , you may have bent valves when you cranked it over to start it. IF you're certain you lined up the belt correctly , do a compression results.
COMMENT by on February 24, 2013
How do you check the timing?
COMMENT by on February 25, 2013
Are you reffering to spark timing or the belt timing?
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