Replaced fuel pressure regulator and MAP sensor. Engine still won't run. on 1994 Dodge Ram 2500

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engine wouldn't start. Poured fuel down throttle body. Engine ran. Checked fuel pump. Fuel pump runs but pressure regulator was plugged. Replaced it. Engine ran for 20 seconds, starving for fuel. Checked Map Sensor, all readings were below spec level. Replaced MAP Sensor. Now, engine won't start period. Not showing any engine codes.
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Are you getting fuel pressure now; Just because the pump's running doesn't mean it is pumping enough fuel.
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It ran when you put gas in throttle, and now it doesn't on it's own. Sounds like a bad fuel pump to me. No more restrictions?
Can I buy a rebuild kit for the fuel pump? I just put out $140 already, and $270+ seems a little steep for just a pump and I'd be paying for another fuel pressure regulator. I forgot to mention there was a black oily substance in the old pressure regulator, and it was clogged. TY :)
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Not that I know of; That would not be an option for me working for the public. Not to be rude, but that's how you learn to work on vehicles, sorry, but you learn by your mistakes. We have all made them, and it can cost to learn. :-)
another question on this...I checked out my throttle body...carbon and such all through it...cleaned it out and noticed...the idle air motor is stuck in one position...badly carbonized...cleaned off the air inlet plug...but it is still in the closed position is this normal..? I was told it should move freely as pressure is applied and then spring back to position...the spring doesn't appear damaged...what should the psi be in the fuel rail?
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