2000 Ford F-350 Super Duty Q&A

2000 Ford F-350 Super Duty Question: replaced front calipers & hydraulic hoses, bled system why does truck pull left?

truck pulls left even without braking. pulls worse when applying brakes tire were switched and alignment & parts are OK -
Answer 1
Check your outer tie rod ends -
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Thanks I'll try that! -
Answer 2
Were pads worn evenly on both sides? -
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New pads! -
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I meant the old pads that came off. I figured there might have been a problem with your brakes , since you replaced the calipers and hoses , that would lead me to believe the old parts might give some clue as to the origination of problem now. Just a randum thought.......... -
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Yes! Right side was worn to excess. We replaced calipers on both sides & hoses & also lubricated and freed slides . I do appreciate any thoughts as to you may have as to a possible solution! -
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Any problem with left rear brake wear? -
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Thanks I'll Check that! Tom -