1996 Ford Bronco Q&A

1996 Ford Bronco Question: Replaced four starters. whats making them go bad.

I've had 4 starters replaced in as many months. What could be making them go bad. I when I return them and have them tested they work. I've checked for 12 volts going to the starter and have that. Solenoid replaced already. -
Answer 1
how are your positive cables? if they look green in color replace them. they could be bad or have a break in them. check your ground cable while you are at it. a bad ground can cause problems to for your starter. make sure they are tight on the starter -
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if you have a meter you can check to see if it is getting 12 volts. -
Answer 2
Do you have oil dripping from the valve cover from above on it. Did you alter the exhaust and it getting too hot. -
Answer 3
FIRST things first, did you remove the HEAT SHIELD or is it missing the heat shield..., make sure all of the cables are good, and clean... make sure you put a good quality starter on the vehicle, and make sure you have a good heat shield around it, I use the wrap that they use on race cars... it costs about 20-20$ but is worth it to me, I used to fry starters and have only replaced one in the last 3 years now -
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did you read the ad! when they returned them they worked just fine! sound like a cable problem to me. -