2001 Ford Windstar Q&A

2001 Ford Windstar Question: replaced coil asmbly wires plugs no misfire now but won't idle. any suggestions

coil problem caused backfiring through intake could that have caused damage? -
Answer 1
Check for vacuum leak, backfire may have pushed off a vac. hose. Let us know what you find. -
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Sorry for not replying sooner. I had a feeling it was a vacuum problem, so with your confirmation I looked up where to find them all and checked them with a stethoscope and found the culprit. It runs fine now. I'm a 65 year old woman and I knew the damn thing didn't need $900 worth of work. Haven't worked on a car in more decades that most of you have been alive, but I wasn't about to get taken to the cleaners. Thank goodness for Youtube. The cost wasn't much (under $75) But it did take some time getting the cowling off. I also couldn't get all the cowling clips to snap back properly but all it seems to be holding ok. Thanks again for your answer. -
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Way to go!!!! Glad we could help and you are welcom. We try! -
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Your profile info or location doesn't show on the page like most of the others. Where are you located, in case I can't do it my self next time.. Thanks -
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On the other coast in Va, but post any problems and we will try to help you out! I love it when folks can fix their own vehicles and save some money, proud of you for tackling it, hell most that do it every day dont do as well me included and i have been doing this now on 40 years. I have some of them papers that say i am a such and such but truth be told they dont mean squat! So i dont post a profile. It is what you can do that counts. Like yourself for instance if it is FIXED that is what means the most in the end. -
Answer 2
agree with wetry or poss damaged throttle plate or jammed it -
Answer 3
Did you disconnect or let the battery go dead? Your throttle body (blade inside) is probably cakes up with sludge...Clean with toothbrush and carb cleaner... Computer will relearn idle -