replaced catalytic after accident - now using loi - no leaks on 2000 Lincoln Continental

Hit a metal object in road - damaged oil pan and catalytic converter - - had them replaced - now, using 2 qts oil every 300 miles with no leaking. Has 130,000 oil changed every 2000 and never used any oil prior to accident.

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There should be no correlation between the parts being replaced and the engine now consuming oil. It should be just coincidental. Do any of the cylinders misfire due to a spark plug being oil fouled. Perhaps a cylinder leakage test is needed to see which cylinders have high piston ring leakage. Do you see blue smoke out the rear exhaust pipe as you accelerate or after the engine has idled for 5 minutes and then is accelerated?
Further info - low oil light came on next day after picked up from shop - took it back - said the oil plug was cracked and leaking oil - said put oil in and new plug; next day while sitting in parking lot I started car and white smoke filled the lot then went away - a neighbor says he can see some smoke out the exhaust after car is sitting for awhile. Engine runs great - had a compression check done but all cylinders good, No misfires - PVC OK. Coincidental? Ran without oil? Any catalytic issues (wrong kind - installed wrong - damaged)?