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2002 Mazda Protege Question: Replaced blown head gasket...now car hesitates

Had my mazda head gasket changed on dec 3 , 2010.....now it hesitates when you take off...check engine light sometimes comes on then goes off....most of the time it doesnt come on..head gasket under warranty just seeing if after a month is there something that has to be adjusted since most of the enginewas taken out then put back together....thanks for any advice -
Answer 1
you need to have them check the timing belt for proper timing. did you have a check engine light before the reppair?? Roy -
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i had a timing belt put in a year ago.......hopefully that is what it is....car is real jerky when ur at a light and then press on gas but engine light doesnt stay on for long..but today it jerked hard and now the check engine stayed on for my last 10 miles home..it does seem to be out of time...yes i did have a check engine light before the repair....misfiring on4 and leaking cooland in the spark plug...had taken it to 2 places same answers -
Answer 2
intake gasket slipped ,cracked ,or or intake manifold is not aligned right or not torqued to specs. other possibility to much sealant in one area if used. and yes all bolts should be retorqued but if this happend right after repair it will be the intake area as discribed above -
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does that mean has to take the head gasket back out and replace? OR do u think re torqued will fix it.....is the intake gasket like the head gasket? -