2007 Ford Five Hundred Q&A

2007 Ford Five Hundred Question: replace transaxle fluid

how to change trnasaxle fluid -
Answer 1
Which transaxle do you have? 6 speed automatic or CVT? -
Answer 2
FWD SEL Model -
Comment 1
I'm sorry, that does not tell me what transaxle you have. On your door tag, can you tell me what letter/number it has under "TRANS"? This is on the drivers door or drivers door jam with your VIN number, etc. -
Comment 2
There is no transmission info on the door however this is the VIN: 1FAHP24187G161927 -
Comment 3
Also it is an automatic with floor shift Ddrive and LLow. No overdrive -
Comment 4
OK, you have a 6 Speed Automatic Aisin transaxle. On this unit, the only available servicing is to drain the accessable fluid through the drain plug. Then, refill it through the fill plug - about 4 quarts worth. Add small amounts of fluid through the fill plug after starting and running the vehicle to get it to the full level. You will not ever be able to change "all" the fluid at once in this unit. Only 4 quarts worth. -
Comment 5
Ok, thank you for the quick and patient responce. -