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2003 Dodge Intrepid Question: replace the thermostat

How to replace the thermostat -
Answer 1
It's a good idea to get a repair manual if your going to work on your own vehicle, and it's never been easier or less expensive to get a high quality manual. Try http://bit.ly/mitchell_repair_manuals_online and you can have one in minutes, for less than $30.00. Read up on the job you are about to perform, it will show you what special tools you will need and you will be much better prepared to tackle any job on your vehicle. -
Answer 2
please tell me or show me how to replace the thermostat -
Answer 3
how to replace thermostat toyota camry 1999 -
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My thermostat hoising is located at the fromt center of the engine housing. It has been leaking slightly for 2-3 years. It now leaks a tablespoon each trip. I am afraid the top plate will pop off w...
I just had the thermastat replaced after the car over heated, since then when i drive 20 t0 30 mins it will jump from half to just below the H mark, the fans are runing, no leaks , speed about 45 mph
over heats and the other people told me to replace the termostat and that it was under the motor not on top.
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