replace the blower motor relay on 2002 BMW 325i

I own a 2002 325i need to replace the blower motor relay Can anyone show me a good write up on this I tested the blow motor itself by by passing the system and the blower works fine Any thoughts Thanks in advance

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What is the issue? No air or sporadic operation
Check or replace the fan speed resistor (very common)
blower motor fan continues to blow when car is off and it only works on 1 speed
2002 BMW 325i
The heating and air conditioning in my car works fine;
however, when I shut the heat/ac or the car off, the fan continues to blow(the fan will not turn off) i took the fuse number 50 out to turn the blower off. i been looking for an answer i can't find it, can anyone help me?
I replaced the blower motor resistor and it's not that
i was wondering if there is a relay or something else?
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Dude I just read on this. There is a motor relay. Its has a part inside that is for the high fan speed for when the high fan switch is on high. When its lower than high the resistor comes into play. Makes sense its not your resistor. I would check the motor if its spining at the max speed. Trace for any frayed wires ect. first. Check if your switch is also working. Sounds like relay to me too.