2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Q&A

2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport Question: replace the alternator

how do I replace the alternator -
Answer 1
There is a complete guide online at http://www.autozone.com/autozone/ sign up then put in your year, make and model and under repair guide click on engine electrical -
Answer 2
Here you go! Remove or disconnect the following: * Negative battery cable * Under cover * Air cleaner assembly, ducts and air intake hose * Drive belt(s) * Wires * Mounting bracket, if equipped * Alternator Install or connect the following: * Alternator. On the 2.4L torque the through-bolt to 14–18 ft. lbs. (20–25 Nm) and the bracket bolt to 106–133 inch lbs. (12–15 Nm). On the 3.0L and 3.5L torque the through-bolt to 38 ft. lbs. (52 Nm) and the mounting bolt to 16 ft. lbs. (22 Nm). * Mounting bracket, if equipped. Torque the bolt to 14–18 ft. lbs. (20–25 Nm). * Wires. Torque the nut to 124 inch lbs. (14 Nm). * Drive belt(s) * Air cleaner assembly, ducts and air intake hose * Under cover * Negative battery cable -
Answer 3
I jut need to replace the belt, how? -
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