Replace steering rack on 2002 Saturn L200

Hi, My left front tire has been making noise when making most turns to the left. I had my speed sensor replaced on the right front and thought that now the left front was bad too. However, I was told it's the steering rack and got an estimate of @ 1000.00!! Do I need a second opinion? I've been using this mechanic for many years but with the cost of this job, I wonder if it wouldn't be a bad idea. (?) Any help would be appreciated.

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hey lisajoe,
You can look at the average price for the steering rack replacement here:
If you factor in diagnosis, taxes and misc. parts, the estimate you received is normal.
If you are questioning whether this is needed or not, it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion. Also, you can always ask to see what is wrong, if it is visible.
What is the problem you are having now?
Thank you so much for your response.
Much appreciated!@
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According to the repairpal estimator the price to replace the steering gear on your 2002 Saturn L200 is in the ballpark. That being said you may wish to talk with your mechanic and have him explain the need for a steering rack. If you are not comfortable the your mechanic's explanation then a second opinion may be in order. Regarding front wheel bearing noise. Because of the weight transfer when turning, the RIGHT wheel bearing is more likely to make noise when turning LEFT and the LEFT wheel bearing is more likely to make noise when turning RIGHT
labor about $500 Parts about $400 try to get it use maybe way cheaper at LKQ or ebay