1999 Volvo S80 Q&A

1999 Volvo S80 Question: replace starter and car still wont start,abs stay on,

replace starter car sill wont start, abs light will come and car stops -
Answer 1
Can you describe the symptoms a bit more? What is the original problem, and did the problem change after replacing the starter? -
Comment 1
Actually, the ABS module can cause this and many other problems on this car. It's not common, but sometimes the whole CAN bus can be disrupted by the ABS Module. I have a feeling this is an Immobilizer problem though. We may never know.... -
Answer 2
Bretb, don't you know the ABS can cause it not to start. Just kidding. -
Comment 1
I stand corrected Bret. I really don't work on Volvos. I never thought the sweds could make a real car. -
Answer 3
was wondering what ever happened with your volvo 1999 problem s80 -