Replace Serpentine Belt on 1999 Lincoln Town Car

Approximately what is the cost at a "service shop" to replace a 1999 lincoln towncar serpentine belt? The RepairPal Site does not accomodate this question.

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You can find a shop here and check prices here put in your vehicles info and choose drive belt replacement
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Thank you RepairPal, I did find an estimate under drive belt which must be the same as serpentine belt!
I PAID ABOUT $145.00 IN 2009 FOR THIS.
1 hour labor plus cost of Belt which is 25-$50.00
This procedure is so simple, you can easily do it yourself.

There is a tensioner and an idler pulley.

Put a socket wrench drive handle into the tensioner, and get the tension off the belt.

Remove the belt, and install the new one.

Manipulating the tensioner, slip the new belt over the idler pulley.