2005 Toyota RAV4 Q&A

2005 Toyota RAV4 Question: replace rear shocks and struts

can't afford to have shop replace rear shocks and struts, have limited exp., can I do it myself, need tips.and what tools needed, do springs replace as well. -
Answer 1
Your Rav4 has rear shocks and the book time to replace both shocks is .8 hrs, the shock has washers and a nut on top and a bolt and nut on the bottom, go to http://www.autozone.com/autozone/ and sign up its free and put in your vehicles info and click on rear suspension then click on shocks and click on repair guide , there you will see a diagram and instructions on shock replacement. -
Answer 2
I need to know how to change rear shocks on my A4 Audi. I'm having a problem figuring out how to get to the top bolt. -
Answer 3
how to change rear shocks on 2005 rav4 -
Answer 4
On 1999 Rav4, replacing the springs on the front struts requires a special machine. You can remove front strut assembly easily, but you need to take it to a local garage that has the machine to replace the springs. Normal spring coil compressors will not work. Local tire dealership chraged me $27 to replace spring on two struts. Toyota dealer wanted $175 to swap springs. -
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