Dodge Ram 3500 Problem Report

Dodge Ram 3500 Transmission Shifting Issues Due to Failed Replace Pressure Solenoid

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Replacing a pressure solenoid valve in the transmission valve body may fix an issue where the transmission "hunts" between first and second gears. Our technicians report that customers sometimes describe this complaint as surging or bucking.

I have a Ram 2500 6.7 Diesel automatic transmission. Sometimes when the truck is shifted from park into drive it will buck or try to accelerate forward, even against braking. The truck will die and then work well when restarted. Taking it to the dealer tomorrow. -
Between 1st and 2nd gear the tranny doesnt seem to lock into 2nd gear. 3rd gear and on up shift fine. -
motor revsup to higher rpms but truck pulls forweard slowly and shifts from 1st to second very hard -
Harding time shifting from 1st to 2nd -
Hunting between 2nd and 3rd gears while trying to maintain a constant speed of 35 mph. Replacement of the pressure solenoid fixed this problem. -
Will not shift out of first or shifts hard -
It hunt between first and second esp goin up hill and sometimes real sluggish take off -
5.9 Cummins automatic. Found nylon clip on transmission that secures throttle wire to transmission pressure valve leaver not securing cable. Tried nylon ties but didn't last. # 18 gauge wire made it secure. Also plumbed in large Allison trans cooler with hydraulic hose and JIC fittings as the erratic pressure caused a leak in the factory cooler. Some modification to structual body supports required -
Over drave no working -
searches for second gear. between 20 to 30 mph feels like it is slipping .after 30 mph does fine -
Transmission hunts between 1st and 2nd gear under light loads. Fixed with new solenoid -
Trans won't shift from 1st to 2nd gear until at high rpm about 35mph but shifts fine through the rest of the gears. ...after you slow down below 25mph or stop the process starts over.haven't got it fixed yet .just happened yesterday. . -
Shifts from 1st to 2nd very fast unless I manually do it -
Mostly a surging or bucking when starting odd and turning right. -
Truck surges while under light throttle pressure from 1st to second gear -
I have a 2012 year model with less than 3500 miles on it, with same issue, bucking and jerking especially with a load around 35 mph. The dealership replaced the valve body, it was fine for about 100 miles then it started again and gets worse as time goes on. According to the dealership, I should be fine driving with it until Dodge comes up with a fix. I don't feel that driving in this condidtion is good for the transmission, but the dealership says their hands are tied until Dodge comes up with that fix. -
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