2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser Q&A

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser Question: Replace PCM?

Diagnostic code is P0601. There is something about "check Sum". Is this the main computer? will replacing it turn off the engine light? I will have to accomplish this myself, so what is the most reputable brand of used/reconditioned units, and when the thing is swapped out, do I just stick in the key, crank it over and drive? -
Answer 1
Check Sum error is an internal defect and the PCM must be replaced. I would recommend only replacing it with a MOPAR (Chrysler) new or remanufactured component. After replacing, the module must be encoded with the vehicle VIN number by your local dealership with the proper scan tool. -
Comment 1
Well............................ because of the ridiculousness you have just desccribed, and because of other age & mileage related problems, traded for less messed up car. BRING BACK POINTS AND CONDENSERS!!! DEATH TO ALL CAR COMPUTERS!!!! Thanks anyway -
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