1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager Q&A

1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager Question: Replace Oil pan

What does it cost to replace an oil pan? -
Answer 1
This is a service you will find in the RepairPal Estimator. Please go here; http://repairpal.com/estimator?car_type_id=2238 Search for the Service Type; "Oil Pan Reseal - Engine" under Engine Category. -
Comment 1
There is a hole punctured in the pan and it needs to be replaced. Or, can it be repaired? I did the reseal estimate. Do I only need to add the cost of the oil pan? Would the labor increase? Any other parts? -
Comment 2
Sorry I misread your question; Yes, use that estimate and add only the cost of the Oil Pan (around $90-$130), the recommendation is to Replace the Oil Pan. -
Answer 2
oil pan gasket leak what is the cost of replacing, 1996 thunderbird with 107,000. still runs very good. carolyn -
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what would cause the oil filter to blow off?it's happened several times now.theres an area on the filter that becomes unsealed and has irregular shape.
I have two serious oil leaks in this car. One of them involves a bolt we snapped off putting the oil pan back up. The other though and more serious one is the oil accumulating from the valve cover....