Chevrolet Blazer Problem Report

Chevrolet Blazer The Fuel Pump May Fail Causing the Engine to Stall or Crank Over But Not Start

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The fuel pump may fail causing the engine to stall and not restart. Our technicians recommend replacing the fuel filter every 30,000 miles to help prevent undue strain on the fuel pump.

had to replace fuel pump twice in one year -
I had to replace the fuel pump twice. First time the vehicle wouldn't start. Worked like a charm after the replacement, until the fuel gauge sensor failed. Second pump I have put in worked fine until the vehicle started stalling randomly. Kicking the gas tank to start it helped for a while. Checked the ground connection for the pump and it was rusty. Sanded it down with some sand paper, 50000 miles later still working fine. -
Replaced pump. $900 later up and running. GM put the pump in the gas tank??? $$$ -
Engine would not start. Replaced fuel pump -
I drove my blazer home from work, an hour later I tried to start it and it started and died. It would not start again. My mechanic says it is the fuel pump. I towed it to the garage and he's repairing it now. -
pump was hard to start then eventually went out completely -
Engine stalled while driving and would crank, but not start. -
fuel pump failed and had to replace -
Replaced pump an filter -
my fuel pump went out....never knew to replace filter -
Driving down the interstate and my vehicle just died . I had to have it towed because it won't crank back up now. -
put fuel in throttle body and then it started. acted like there was a clogged fuel pump. runs fine now but for how long? -
Car would not start. -
My Blazer had no power and stalled so therefore I had to get the fuel filter an pump replaced. -
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