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Chevrolet Camaro Replace Fuel Filter Every 30,000 to Prevent Fuel Pump Failure

Chevrolet Camaro Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

Engines Affected: 3.1L V6, 3.8L V6, 5.0L V8, 5.7L V8

Average Mileage: 143,601 mi (37,000 mi - 198,000 mi)


The fuel pump may fail causing the engine to stall and not restart. Our technicians recommend replacing the fuel filter every 30,000 miles to help prevent undue strain on the fuel pump.

  • Visitor, , 3.1L V6, 160,000 mi

    first day start up runs great when i go to turn off the engine and try to restart it it cranks but will not fire.

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  • joshuaszombathy, , 5.7L V8, 150,000 mi

    Just bought my car 2 days ago and it stalled on the hwy like it was outta gas
    The gauge floats up and down so I was UN aware I was that low on fuelI kept putting more gas in a gallon at a time until I had 5 gallons in it and was sure that was longer the problem. Every one I asked said fuel pump so I called the previous owner and he told me it had been setting a long time I mentioned I kept getting told fuel pump and he said he had replaced it oncE all ready but it was common for that car I was told to have some one turn the key to the in position while I took the gas cap off and listen for the fel pump turn on. I failed to how ihear turn on and then checked with a meter to ensure that out was receiving power and that the fuel pump was actualLy bad.once I replaced it I haven'T had a problem since

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  • catpower8, , 3.8L V6, 151,611 mi

    Went to work one day, everything was fine. When I was leaving, all of a sudden my car wouldn't start. It would turn over but wouldn't start. Ended up having to tow it to my mechanic's and it turns out it was the fuel pump. I was told the fuel pump for Camaros is usually at 45-55psi and mine was at 20!!! No wonder it didn't start. Got it replaced today and it's good as new... and if not, the part has warranty and my guy's willing to fix it til it works.

    Looking back, a month or so ago, I was pumping gas and I noticed this strange liquid leaking from the rear tire on the driver's side area, kind of where I was putting gas (I now know that is where my fuel pump is), but I dismissed it cause I thought I had just put the nozzle in wrong and I was leaking gas or something. Maybe that was a warning sign, but my mechanic said they just randomly fail. He said it's a big moneymaker for GM.

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  • Visitor, , 3.8L V6, 37,000 mi

    Fuel pump failed.

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