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2005 Kia Sedona Question: Replace Driver's Seat switch

Was wondering how much it should cost to replace the driver's side seat switch. The seat will no longer move forward or tilt forward. We got a quote from a private business: $150 for the switch and $90 for labor...is this reasonable? -
Answer 1
The switch would have to come from a dealership, so I wouldn't be surprized if the switch cost that much. $90 seams resonable for labor. I suspect it's about an hour to install. -
Answer 2
It takes approx 2-3 minutes to unscrew the plastic around the seat and another minute or so to unplug the old switch and pop in a new switch. I think $90 is pricey for labor but you have to remember the shop has a minimum labor they charge. If you can purchase the switch yourself (approx. $150-200) you can do this yourself. You literally unplug the old seat switch and plug in the new one. To test whether it is really the seat switch that's faulty, remove the seat switch from the working power seat (ie: if the driver's side seat is faulty, remove the passenger side seat switch). Plug this into the driver side seat switch plug. Then attempt to maneuver the seat. If this works, you know that replacement of the faulty switch will fix your proplem. If it doesn't work, then you have a problem with some other component of the seat mechanism and will need to further research to figure out what is wrong. -
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