Replace cruise control switches on 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

How do I remove the steering wheel airbag just far enough for me to get to the scews that hold the cruise control switches? I need to replace the switches.

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First disconnect the battery and wait a few mins so the charges can bleed off. Then there are two screws under snap off covers; one on each side of the steering wheel. Remove these screws and the entire horn button/air bag will pull straight out. There is one electrical connector behind the horn button to disconnect then Voila it's off. If you intend to reuse the harness for your switches, be careful removing them and DO NOT pull them out by the wires. it will take some wrestling with the connector due to a lip catch on the back side, but the connector will come out. Pay close attention to the orientation of the wiring so you will not plug it in backwards. The connectors are not keyed or marked and will plug in either way. Change out the switches and reverse the process to reinstall the air bag. simple as that. Good Luck!
Thanks for the instructions. They seem to be exactly what I am looking for.
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You can' t do this half way. You MUST disconnect the Battery and wait 5 minutes and then remove the Air Bag, if you mess around with a screw driver, well the Bag can/will go off and possibly snap your neck, like it has done to hundreds of EMT workers. BE CAREFUL!!!
Thanks, I will be careful as instructed.