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2000 Toyota Sienna Question: Replace Cabin Filter for 2000 Toyota Sienna CE 6 Cyl 3.0L

I would like to replace my cabin filter but I couldn't find it. I already opened the front passenger's cover but it wasn't there. I wonder may be not the same with the other Toyota model? -
Answer 1
Sure it has one? IF so it's behind glove box but I am not sure they had one until later year models! -
Comment 1
I already open the entire cover infont of passenger seat but not..I wonder if located on the center, under the car stereo... -
Comment 2
Since then i went to NAPA home, that is their site, entered your info. they do not list a cabin filter for this van! 2002 i think was the first year listed. IF it had one so would NAPA. -