replace both inner tie rods or just one? on 2003 Ford Ranger

The place we get the oil changed said just the passenger side front inner tie rod needs replaced. The place we normally go to for repairs said if you're doing one you might as well replace both to be safe/save money down the road. Should we get both inner tie rods done now, or just the one that is in need of repair?

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Have a qualified mechanic check the steering componets out first. Maybe an alignment shop. Grease monkey might be wrong!
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Good question, and there isn't always a perfect answer. The worst you'll be out if you do them at different times is the alignment fee. Essentially that's what you would save too, unless the other joint never needs to be replaced.
At this time just the one would be OK. IMO
I'll approach this as if it were my vehicle,and I'd r&r both.