Replace AC compressor on 2002 Chrysler Town & Country

I need to have my AC compressor replaced

by in Coffeyville, KS on February 22, 2011
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ANSWER by on March 01, 2011
Go to your local dealership. There is a Technical service bulletin which addresses A/C Compressor failure.. 24-004-04 GROUP: Heating & A/C DATE: June 1, 2004. A/C Compressor Failure. OVERVIEW: This bulletin involves replacing the A/C compressor, related lines, inspecting the receiver/drier, and checking the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to ensure the appropriate level software is installed. NOTE: THE A/C COMPRESSOR WARRANTY PERIOD HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO 7YEARS OR 70,000 MILES. REFER TO WARRANTY BULLETIN D-03-12 FOR COMPLETE DETAILS. Your vehicle is likely out of warranty so this would be an out of pocket expense.
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Due to a lack of lubrication, the AC compressor can fail. The AC compressor warranty was extended to seven years or 70,000 miles.
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