replace abs pump on 1998 Honda Accord

hi, my abs light came on, so i took it to my mechanic and the report was that i need to replace the abs pump motor? they quoted $1000+ for a new motor and $300 for a used one. add 2 hours of labor to install and the total quote was about $600. does this sound right? is this something i can go "used" on or do i need to repair it at all?

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I would get a second opinion here. The reason being is that many ABS problems point to a bad ABS pump motor, or the motor keeps running, and the problem is the Control Module. I'm not familiar enough with the Honda system to know if this is an issue with them or not, but I did find some info that backs this up.
Is the light the only issue? Do you hear any noises or see any fluid leaks?
thanks for the response! no sounds or fluid leaks as far as i can tell. here's what the mechanic told me: "Diagnose: Code 52-01 (ABS pump motor circuit) was received. Excessive current draw from ABS pump motor detected due to an internal short within pump motor. Recommended replace ABS pump assembly. Note: Short is intermittent, motor resistance fluctuates from 1.0 ohm to .1 ohms."
Those are low resistance readings, and it could represent a bad motor, however I would think the fuse would be blown if this were true, did they find a blown ABS Motor fuse?