replace 3rd brake light on 2003 Volkswagen Beetle

How is this done,i removed the plastic trim but cant get to the light.Many thanks for any help.Earl.

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There are NO screws, everyone keeps saying "remove the screws! There is a tab on each side of the bar light. (underneath) Push up on them.
use a panel pry tool and pop off the hantch panel slowly and bam
The two screws are inside the trunk not outside on the light. It's an interior job...Check this person out - pictures and all:)
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You have to open the hatch and completely take the inside cover off. you will find a screw on each side of the light . remove the screws and unplug the electrical connection and replace with new one. Aprox cost from dealer about 75.00 for replacement light . Pretty easy fix and I'm no Mechanic
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