repairing reomte entry to trunk on 1994 Lincoln Continental

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I need to repair the remote entry to the trunk. The Doors unlock but I can only open the trunk with the key. Is it a fuse and where is it located?
(2) Answers
since i experienced the same problem with my 94 continental and could not find a trunk pull down motor in the junk yard .i purchased one from 1A on line for $133 (ford brand-no junk). it only takes a few minutes to unbolt the old one and install the new. this will cure the problem.
Check out your manual if you have it. It has a diagram of the fuses and what they are for. It is located under the driver side dash. You can get one of those $5 fuse testers and check if you have any blown fuses or relays. Or you could just pull the fuses by hand and check them one by one. That will more likely fix your problem. It could also be a key pad problem.