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2006 BMW 330i Question: Repair to Steering Column

In December 2010 I brought my 2006 BMW with 20,114 miles to a BMW dealership for a fault light pertaining to my steering wheel. I was not experiencing any problems with the steering wheel (turning the wheel, starting the car, locking of the wheel, etc). However, I did authorized the work after BMW informed me that it was a safety related issue. After consulting with my local mechanic it was evident that unnecessary repairs were performed on my vehicle. After contacting BMW Headquarters in Germany and North America I received a full refund from the dealer. Within 3 months additional repairs to parts of the steering column (firewall boot and clock spring) were necessary and performed by another BMW dealership totaling $678.09. How likely is it that the steering column would have to be replaced on a BMW with 20,114. Also could the initial replacement of the steering column disturbed the fire wall boot and clock spring when the new column was placed in the steering wheel. -
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not likely. however, proving or disproving this would involve expert witnesses and a lawyer. when dealing with any dealership, you are considered guilty and they are innocent until you prove otherwise. this is precisely why 80% of all customers leave the dealership after their cars warranty expires. the 20% that remain with the dealership are somehow convinced that they will always do the right thing. instead, it was your local BMW tech (you incorrectly called him a mechanic) that did the right thing. the mileage is irrelevant, your car is out of warranty and you are a service orphan. save you money and become buddies with your local BMW tech -
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Thanks and your right. BMW aid wear and tear caused the problem. Wear and tear after 20,000 miles. Are you a mechanic/Technician? -
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No...I'm service manager at a large independent German specialty shop. I have 5 technicians and no mechanics :) -