Repair shop listed radiator as -34. What does that mean? on 2006 Toyota Solara

took in for routine oil change and fluids, etc are checked as customer courtesy.

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This is not a for-sure but since it was a courtesy check and it's in reference to the radiator, I'd say your antifreeze quality and mix/ratio as tested is good for freeze protection down to -34 degrees. The real answer, of course, is "Hey repair shop, what does this mean?" :o) Best wishes.
Basically.......radiator coolant is good and you don't need to worry about it right now. Protected against freeze-up down to approx. -34 degrees. Doesn't usually get close to that cold in PA.
Probaly just documenting the coolant level of freeze protection. Sounds like you have no problem....but a friendly call to the shop should clarify it for you.