Repair question on 2002 Ford Explorer

My car needs a brake fluid flush, 2 new rear rotors, 4 brake pads, and my lug nut studs on the rear right wheel need to be replaced because two broke off. My car will also need to have a re alignment done. I just need an estimate on how much this could cost to repair.

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A Brake fluid flush is about $95.00. Replacing the rear pads and rotors takes about 1.5 hours of labor and the parts run $150 for the rotors and a good set of rear pads costs $60.00. The rear stud replacement takes about 15 min per stud and each stud and nut costs about $10.00 so figure $45 + $20.00 for the stud replacement labor.

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For 2 Back-wheels and Rotors and brake shoes replacement along with brake fluid flush, and 4 wheel alignment costs about $500 with 2 hours of labor for the car Toyota Camry which I had done today.