repair or replace on 1992 Volvo 960

lights blinking on the TRAC SYSTEM what do i replace i acn't find any information on this part

by in Bakersfield, CA on September 19, 2009
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ANSWER by on September 21, 2009
Hello, I don't believe the 1992 960 has a TRAC System. It does have ABS though. Exactly what lights are flashing?
COMMENT by on September 21, 2009
yes right next to the gear shifter there is 3 buttons that are for driving in winter sport or econmy and they sit to the left of the shifter ( W S E ) is how it looks, but they keeep blinking i assume the car dosen't know what gear to take off in - slow up hill - automatic kickdown problem ?
COMMENT by on September 21, 2009
Great, now I understand. You transmission control module has detected a problem in the transmission or one of the transmission sensors. My guess is that the GPS (Gear Position Sensor) is failing, this is very common on this vehicle. You'll need to get the diagnostic trouble codes read out. If you get the code 3-1-3, then the GPS will need replacement. Good Luck!
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