repair of Power Steering fluid flush on 1999 Lexus RX300

I had major service at 129,000 miles- I am at 145,000 currently Is the power steering fluid checked or changed at the the major service?

by in Santa Cruz, CA on February 11, 2009
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ANSWER by , February 11, 2009
In this case I would refer you to your owner's manual to check what Lexus says about that. Most manufacturers don't have an interval for power steering fluid and don't advocate replacing or flushing it. The only time I would replace my fluid is when I replace a component in the steering system like the pump, lines or rack/gear. Is the fluid clean? If you wipe the reservoir dipstick onto a clean, white paper towel, are there any particles or shiny particles visible? Checking the level is a good idea and there is no reason it should low, unless it is leaking somewhere
COMMENT by , February 11, 2009
I have done Lexus maintenance religiously. started going to a Toyota dealership- took car in because it would die after starting and low mileage. ) They suggested Major Service - I said ok - it ended up - (Major Service- & gasket leak- $1300) still had problem- took it back-complained again with same problem - they found a burned out coil and replaced the ideal speed control valve to the tune of $675. fixed my problem I complained again and made a complaint to the Service Mgr. He asked for another chance. I went in for a oil change and smog certificate (which the mgr. comped. They recommend I have the power steering fluid drained - that it looked dirty and I need new tires ( est $667 and the fluid flush for $109) Think it is time to find a good mechanic with good customer service.
ANSWER by , February 11, 2009
Lexus don't have a "recommended" power steering fluid interval but in the interest of longitivity of power steering components I would flush the fluid especially if not ever previously flushed. Idle air control motors do frequently fail on RX300's causing the vehicle to stall particularly when starting off from cold. I have seen some ignition coil failure as well. Don't give up hope these are a great vehicle.
ANSWER by , May 27, 2016
Ihad back flush liquid power steering oil) at reservoir????