2002 Toyota Sienna Q&A

2002 Toyota Sienna Question: repair of manual latch onquarter window, The bolt thru the glass has disappear

How do I replace the bolt? -
Answer 1
Go to the dealer and show the counter person what you are missing. -
Comment 1
Thanks for the very logical reply, however our dealer is over an hour away and we can't seem to get there during their hours. Thanks again. Roadagent -
Comment 2
They aren't open on a Sat.? -
Comment 3
I'm only off on Sunday Mornings. I appreciate all of the logical responses,but I would hope for a technical answer. Roadagent -
Comment 4
I'm sorry if I came on as a smart ass. There's no other answer that can help you. I will say that the toyota dealer in your area SUCKS. I can't believe in this economy that the dealer is not open on a Saturday. I'm sorry this suggestion is not what you want to hear. -
Comment 5
I appreciate your response, I work 65 hours a wk with sun AM off. It makes for an interesting life style. I'm sure I can change this thing out I was just hoping for a little assurance that what I plan to do is the correct and best way. Thanks again, Roadagent -
Comment 6
I'm sure if you call ahead and explain your situation to the dealer you must have a friend that is willing to help to pick it up. -